How are you fighting the war on Food?

On my Facebook News Feed this came through from one of my friends on Facebook.  And, maybe, what shocked me more than what is in this photo were the comments that followed.  Let me know what you think of of this…

Friend #1:  Lovely….

Me:  Where’s the beef?

Friend #2: Oh my.  I’m off the Parmesan

Friend (who posted it): YES, Friend #2, I’m devasted about the parmesan…

Friend #3: Gross!  Never would have thought they would use meat in those types of products.  Mental note that I will never ingest these products nor by them for my family.  Thanks for sharing!!!

I am a vegeterian (no animal meat but I eat seafood) and so when I read the title, I admit I was curious.  But I am also a food scientist (not practicing currently).  I am by no means an expert but I do read these things with a huge degree of caution.  Being super curious I looked up the source of the article.  I think the source was from and written by Caroline Sloan about 1 year ago (please correct me if I am wrong).

I want to tackle a few things here because there is a big, in fact a HUGE, difference between NEWS (media) and EDUCATION.  Being well informed in current events and other things does not make you an educated person.  And I don’t mean the number of diplomas you have either.  And what I am writing is in direct contrast to what I am saying.  Challenge my thoughts…I am not educating you.  I am writing my opinion in a quasi-fact based approach mostly out of frustration for reading this crap on Facebook.

If you are vegetarian (don’t eat flesh from an animal kind) does mean you can eat foods that contain meat.  Butter, milk, yogurt, cheese all come from animals.  The concern is left with the vegans.  It is their concern and decision for that matter.

What is the big deal if you are not a vegan then?  Will you stop consuming these 8 specific products because you want traceability in your food?  It is not organic if your cheese comes from animal?  The reality is…the 8 products listed is not exhaustive…and far from it.  If Parmesan cheese is on this list…then all cheeses need to be added.  Way back when (before the iPhone, before cars, before electricity) farmers used the animal exhaustively…every part.  That is why we have milk, cheese and butter today (AMEN!).  Rennet is just an enzyme…and enzymes are a natural way of speeding up reactions that would take 1000 of years to occur.  We have enzymes in our mouth (to help break down foods with starch)…otherwise we couldn’t eat!  So, animals are equipped with the same stuff to help them digest…and it is found in the throat and stomach like us.  Farmers used this to make cheese!  I love cheese!  What is so gross about that?

And the other oils and flavors used…well, we use chicken broth to flavor food…if we didn’t use some of the by-products from animals the food cannot be preserved.  And if we didn’t use by-products we would be wasting and that is not sustainable.  Organic does not equal sustainable.  Our ancestors were resourceful…they found a way to feed themselves all seasons of the year.  We do the same but in a more industrialized way.  If we were able to solely survive from food from a farm…then great!  But we can’t!  The world is big and everyone needs to eat.  Foods need additives (and natural additives that come from an animal) are necessary so we can all eat (and enjoy life…ummmm….Guinness please!)

Man, I’m hungry now!

4 thoughts on “How are you fighting the war on Food?

    1. Thank you! Much of what we read about food facts is through media and the food scientists mostly work for the big companies who promote half-truths about food.


        1. I haven’t written about it…I do have some thoughts on it…that is a great post idea!…thank you for the inspiration…will work on collecting thoughts on this topic! Love your blog…I love to cook!



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