How do you deal with the mud?

That is the forecast for much of Western Europe this week.  And the forecast has been accurate.  Rain is good.  But yet, a downer for those who don’t have a livelihood attached to the weather.  When a forecast comes out like this I find myself checking the weather on the internet almost every hour.  I cling to the hope they (weather forecasters and gods) are wrong.

During one of my hourly checks I came across a quote about rain by the American actor: Denzel Washington.

 You pray for rain, you gotta deal with the mud too. That’s a part of it. 
Denzel Washington 

And his words are true.  You gotta deal with the mud.  And about six months ago I found a way to do just that.  Since rain will be a part of my life living over here (Europe), I am always on the look out for a way to deal.  I purchased a pair of wonderful rain shoes (wellies, galoshes).  And I have to point out they are for adults.  It seems most of the functional rain gear is for kids.  Somewhere along the lines they (fashion designers and gods) have forgotten to create cute, fun, fashionable rain gear for adults.  But fortunately for me (and everyone else), Ilse Jacobsen – Danish designer – has not.

Her boots are wonderful (no endorsements here)!  I love them…I put them on even if there is even the slightest chance of rain.  The boots don’t feel like the traditional wellies (like the brand Hunter)…and they don’t look like them.  In fact, if by fortunate chance, it doesn’t rain when I wear them…the boots still work with my outfit and kinda make a fashion statement.  I (secretly) notice women passing me on the street checking my boots out.  And people have asked me about them.

Here’s a photo of my army green low rise boots (and by the way, these shoes are hand made).

Here’s some practical information.  The inside is a nice warm fuzzy material (not too warm but warm for when it rains).  They are made from natural rubber so you have to protect it with silicon oil (with a sponge) every once in while.  They are comfortable to walk in and look great with skinny jeans.  Her store is in Copenhagen but no worries…there are many internet dealers.  This past holiday season I saw them in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the USA at the Galleria mall (Edina, Minnesota) and I think Nordstrom.  The price of looking good when it rains or not: 80 euros (100 USD).  Price goes up as the height of the boot goes up.  Only whole sizes and lots of variety in color.

So, when it rains, I deal (with my Ilse Jacobsen’s).

What do you think?

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